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  • Fachada - Praiamar Natal - Hotéis em Natal - Hotel em Natal - Ponta Negra
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  • Salão Jacarandá - Praiamar Natal - Hotéis em Natal - Hotel em Natal


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Hoteis em Natal | Hotel em Natal | Hoteis em Ponta Negra

The Praimar Hotel & Convention is located in the best area of ​​Natal, seafront of Ponta Negra beach, internationally recognized by the warm waters of the cove which has to fund the Morro do Careca, most famous postcard of Natal. The hotel is also close to the best bars, restaurants and pubs of the city. Only in Praiamar Natal Hotel & Convention you will find a number of advantages and exclusive promotions, unique packages and special rates that we have for you. We have 215 rooms, all decorated with good taste and refinement in four different categories.

In the best location in Ponta Negra